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Just you and I

Shelly had to take Sophie to a birthday party yesterday afternoon so that left Julie and I to our own devices. Julie kept hinting that she wanted to go out for lunch and then make a stop at the American Girl store at the "Maul(ing) of America". (DEAR GOD NO!)

As Shelly was leaving with Sophie, I tried to remind her to leave Julie's booster seat but didn't get the words out in time. I figured she'd either think of it on her own or not. And, if not, we'd figure something else out. Like, sitting around for two hours glaring at each other. You know... fun stuff.

Well, turned out there was no booster seat left behind. What to do, what to do? I told Julie what the deal was and that if we were to go out to eat, we would have to do it by bike. And, she was up for it. She suggested we stop at the library on the way home. So, we biked to Chipotle and then biked to the library before returning home. She did really well on all of it. Never complained and generally seemed to enjoy all of it. Mileage-wise, not as far as a round trip to Lake Calhoun and back. But, all the same, I'm just happy to see her enjoying something as active as biking.

Later on, while Sophie watched an "Olivia" DVD, Julie started watching the first episode of the History Channel's "The Universe" series from a few years ago. The first ep. is about the sun. I kept looking at her face to gauge whether it was interesting or over her head. I thought I caught her looking sleepy or bored so I asked if it was boring. She said that she was enjoying. Unfortunately, we were only able to get about 40 minutes into it before dinner was ready.